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A holistic approach to education is a philosophy based on the hypothesis and an asserted argument that each person is unique, and that each individual has therefore only a limited time to explore and discover who or what they identity themselves as, much earlier on in their lives. This ideology is concerned with the understanding and development of a person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials, and helping individuals balance their outlook on life and their personal understanding of themselves, in relation to the world.


At FA Innovations, we are a training ground for preparing students to meet any challenge they may face in life and in their academic career with tacit knowledge. We equip each and every student to seek meaning and purpose in their lives, which is absolutely imperative for the attainment of the highest levels of happiness, and achieving a lot more during the course of their careers.


In contrast to the usual explicit knowledge, which helps us ‘know what’, tacit knowledge, instead, can be understood as ‘know how’. Tacit knowledge can’t be acquired by reading books; but it is acquired by addressing real problems in the real world. It relates to experience, ideals, intuition, values, creative thinking, emotions, skills and attitudes. Tacit knowledge in education can be a critical input in the innovation process of education.


FA Innovations, after years of research and experience in analysing the present day classroom situation, has designed the innovative “Education with Enrichment” course, which creates a stronger foundation for future leaders.

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