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FA Innovation is a team of strategic thinkers, dreamers, innovators and biophilic designers. Together we convert your dream to a sustainable reality. 

  • Review & Development of concept

  • Launch or Re-launch of concept 

  • Site Location / Spatial Analytics 

  • Competence Study 

  • Strategy for Long-term Competitiveness

  • Project Design, Implementation & Execution - with a methodical approach

  • Brand Development

  • Biophilic Design

  • Website & Social Media 

  • Marketing & Promotions 

  • Public Relations 

  • HR and Policies

  • Efficiency in Operations 

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Procurement

  • Financial Feasibility Study 

  • Budget structure

  • Administration & Management 

  • Recruitment and Induction Training 

  • Strategic Sourcing of Senior Management

  • Trouble-shooting 

  • Menu Development, including Product Specs 

  • Development and Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures 

  • Health & Safety

  • Management Coaching & Mentoring

  • Expansion

Wellness Hospitality

Our Projects

Ananda In the Himalayas
Lotus Hospitality
Talise Wellness
Six Senses
Cloud Twelve
The Great Ganga
Lotus Downtown Metro
nmc health

From concept to bottomline...

What we do

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